I wax poetic about the beauty of Danish culture in Copenhagen and on Bornholm in midsummer with a backdrop of the top of new Nordic cuisine.


Darling Issue No. 21
Sept. 2017

An essay for The Magic of Youth issue discussing what innately made us "go-getters" as children. How we  can recapture it at any age?

A blog report of my essentials as a creative professional at Darling Media!

What's in My Bag Wednesdays: Melanie Loon

Darling Media Online
February 2017

It's easy to forget that the year of 2016 was made up of more than the month of November. Here are a few wins of yesteryear to give us a running jump for 2017.

The social Machine: what it can and can't offer

Darling Issue No. 17
The TIME Issue

September 2016

What genuine relational needs do we share? How do we attempt to fill them? An examination of how our interactions over social media do or don't miss the mark.

Thoughts on abundance and Lack

Darling Issue No. 17
The TIME Issue

September 2016

An interview with Brittney Castro, founder of Financially Wise Women, on our relationship with money and financial planning. Conducted with Teresa Miller Archer.


La Verne Magazine
February 2016

A feature on siblings Chuck and Virginia Davis, children of C. Ernest Davis, former president of the University of La Verne. How does their family legacy of education and perseverance ring true for the university's values today?