By day, I'm a content manager with some creative wiggle room for Darling.

Since January 2018, I've selected our Tuesday Quotables and rounded up our blog throwbacks to In Print features.

Below are pieces I've written for online:

A "written-for-screen" version of a print story published in Darling Issue No. 17.

Modern day "You've Got Mail" anticipation + an interview with my pen pal!

Keeping the lights on for this yearly tradition of recording and receiving the victories, lulls and hardships of a lifelong community.

A tour of the 8 Darling Personas featured in Issue No. 21 created by yours truly!

Finding a few Danish cultural tenets hemming in and out of oft-discussed hygge.

Spilling the bag of essentials that equip me as a creative professional at Darling Media.

The end of 2016 left the internet a bit forgetful of some great wins the world enjoyed. This roundup was a running jump into 2017.