Photo by Emily Lauren Blake.

Photo by Emily Lauren Blake.

On explaining graphic design to four-year-olds, Dean Vipond wrote, "I use colours, letters and pictures to help people understand things."

As a kid I always thought we had to be one thing or the other, an artist or an astronaut, a teacher or a writer.

On walks through the bookstore to my childhood art class, I amassed a collection of Nancy Drew hardbacks and pretty much any other story that hooked my curiosity. My love for the printed word and painter's hands, each telling a truth that needed to be told, brought me to my study of communications in multimedia at the University of La Verne where I graduated from in 2016.

I now get to chase and refine my passions as a writer, artist and graphic designer at Darling Media, as Executive Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief. A certain truth needs to be told in women's media — here I get to do just that.

I'm currently also a freelance copywriter and a copyeditor for Wilderness Magazine.

If interested in art/design work or writing, I'd love to meet you via the following:

Contact: melanie.loon{@} | LinkedIn: Melanie Loon

Instagram: For recent inspiration, @melaniespoon / For past work, @lettersfrommel / #artbymelspoon / #lettersfrommel