Hand lettering

Though I've long moved from the modern calligraphy style of hand lettering, I've incorporated it a number of ways beyond weddings.


Darling Issue No. 9 Launch Party

The iconic pages of Darling that read, "NONE OF THE WOMEN IN THIS MAGAZINE HAVE BEEN RETOUCHED," first appeared in Darling Issue No. 9.

In about 3 hours with 2 paint pens, 1 step ladder, no backing and no rulers, the selfie backdrop of the night was ready to party in the Arts District of Los Angeles.

Three Ways

"Three Ways to Dress Up Dinner." Hand-lettered placemats shown for Darling Magazine Online in collaboration with Target's White Plate Challenge.

Written and styled by Nicole Ziza Bauer. Photographed by Milena Mallory.



Finish Strong

Little lettering doodle in the midst of finals. Always necessary, regardless of the test. Felt-tip marker on lined notebook paper.

Find more at @lettersfrommel on Instagram.

Anything But Pizza

Logo/identity design and UX project for fictional, original app "Anything but Pizza" at the University of La Verne. Personalized indexing of favorite restaurants/take-out joints to expedite "hangry" decision-making.

Advanced Media Design, Fall 2015.



Ceremony + Reception Schedule

Weddings are still fun sometimes! A large Pinterest-inspired schedule for guests in chalk marker.