Meet the Personas: Darling Magazine


If you've made the extra click to arrive at my blog here, you probably already know my full-time thing is working at Darling Media. I've done just about A to Z there, but for the first time this fall, I have art in a print issue!

The Personas are the sections that divide up the magazine — The Dreamer, The Achiever, the Hostess... They basically sort the articles by interest, but they're meant to represent the different hats women wear often (usually) at the same time.

For Darling Issue No. 21, I have the pleasure of introducing our readers to each of the 8 sections, including The Explorer, where I wrote on the midsummer dream that was my trip to Denmark.

Enjoy! Or if you've got a glass of something nice handy, skål! (WHICH I AM KICKING MYSELF FOR SPELLING WRONG IN PRINT — eh sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, I am just a person)