Pencil sharpeners

The one material thing I consistently lose is the humble pencil. I don't prefer any certain type for drawing, only one with a reliable eraser. September brings a change of seasons both so natural and haphazard (a sentiment all too flimsy in times like these), natural, because we wait expectantly for it, haphazard as we whirl around holding onto the last dregs of the summer sun.

A little dramatic for L.A.'s consistent sunshine. Cue beige classroom walls and the slosh of soft canvas backpacks plopping against floors and lockers. The whir of a pencil sharpener. Bygone days!

But the thirst for a change of seasons, one that will ask more of us, one that will challenge us to step up to a new plate (kickball or nah?) beckons.

It's September. And this is my new website.