The Book Art Card

I was rummaging through childhood things (read: junk) some time ago when I came across a folded piece of printer paper with the insignia to the left below.

Fast forward to now in the future, I can make anything into an icon with a tap of Adobe Capture on my phone. So I saved it. To the right is about how I write normally now.

I had to have been about 5 when I signed my name the first way, and even as a child I had kind of a designer's deep weighing of the permanence with which I chose a method to sign my name, my mark. Every new glyph a statement of identity. Anxious child!


Numerous chalk pastel paintings from my childhood are signed "MAL" with a sun arching over my initials. Very funny considering MAL means "bad" and at least one definition of Melanie is "clothed in darkness." As a summer baby, I like to think of myself as "sun-mingled."

I often wonder if there are things we will "always be" and how hard throughout our lives we will fight that. Or love that. Or never know that.

I titled the SVG file Capture saved as "The Book Art Card," which I think was written inside that printer paper folded half way. Can't fight it. Kind of love it. Might never remember why I thought to write that.