You Don't Know TRACE

I'm usually office DJ at work but I looooove when someone else takes our Sonos for a spin. Last week Rebekah delivered some good stuff.

"Who's on the Sonos? Can I play something?" she asked across the room.

"Me, it's just your Bon Iver radio," I replied. (I'm back on it.)

"Ok, I'm gonna play Trace's new single."

YES. Trace's music is always made of the coolest sad girl vibes. While I'm pretty sensitive to melancholy lyrics, I do love her stuff and her new single, "You Don't Know Me," is a deceptively light-hearted stroll to the conclusion that the one she's with isn't "the one." Heavy stuff. Did someone say Heavy Shoulders?

ANYWAY. I was sitting at my desk looking at the cover art for the YDKM single and thought, That looks fun to draw...

I've been on such a roll with portraits, I don't want to stop. Let's keep it fun, you know? So here's TRACE!