In my time as Editorial Assistant at Darling, I helped manage online content with creative wiggle room. Each week, I refreshed back-issue print content for short-form Tuesday Quotables and in long-form throwbacks to In Print features.

Below are pieces I've written for online, for Darling and beyond:

Especially for grown children of immigrants, the pull between cultures rests in the hyphen between. Speaking for myself, that means Chinese and American. But now there’s a restaurant that speaks for me.

When burnout crept in for Drew Melton, he left illustration and typography for what drew him to the creative profession in the first place: the process of making the dream real. I asked him what it’s like to now head up Closer&Closer, an artist representation agency and production studio based in Los Angeles.

How does a creative mark both their style and career growth with this sense of forward movement? I asked Jade.

Work/life balance can seem out of reach for the founder-entrepreneur, but for creatives, prioritizing an inspiration recharge can go hand in hand with trusting a team as a boss. Here’s how Go Live HQ CEO Promise Tangeman does it.

Interview with fashion blogger Deb Shepherd of Clothed in Abundance.

A recap of two days at Yellow Conference's 5th conference for female entrepreneurship and social impact.

Q&A with poet/artist Morgan Harper Nichols on creative process, inspiration and allowing generosity to carve her path on social media.

Our wins are more than just our professional ones, and victory is best experienced together. How can you usher in a culture of camaraderie at work, regardless of your title?

Three easy (and easy to forget) checks for your mindset to get the most out of a trip before, during and after you go.

PDX marks the spot. Here are a few I recommend in a city that breathes fresh air and art that invites you to think.

A comical take on self-image retrospect and autonomy... via your tagged photos on Facebook.

Q&A with restaurateur Corina Livanos of the Livanos Restaurant Group on a legacy of taking care of people with great food.

Interview with ballerina turned gamer Mari Takahashi of SMOSH Games.

A round-up of natural beauty/style products for travel.

I went panning for gold through Darling's interviews in print for these nuggets of wisdom in honor of International Women's Day.

Interview with producer Erika Olde on the future of storytelling in film.

A "written-for-screen" version of a print story published in Darling Issue No. 17.

Modern day "You've Got Mail" anticipation + an interview with my pen pal!

Keeping the lights on for this yearly tradition of recording and receiving the victories, lulls and hardships of a lifelong community.

A tour of the 8 Darling Personas featured in Issue No. 21 created by yours truly!

Finding a few Danish cultural tenets hemming in and out of oft-discussed hygge.

Spilling the bag of essentials that equip me as a creative professional at Darling Media.

The end of 2016 left the internet a bit forgetful of some great wins the world enjoyed. This roundup was a running jump into 2017.