The Book Art Card

I was rummaging through childhood things (read: junk) some time ago when I came across a folded piece of printer paper with the insignia to the left below.

Fast forward to now in the future, I can make anything into an icon with a tap of Adobe Capture on my phone. So I saved it. To the right is about how I write normally now.

I had to have been about 5 when I signed my name the first way, and even as a child I had kind of a designer's deep weighing of the permanence with which I chose a method to sign my name, my mark. Every new glyph a statement of identity. Anxious child!


Numerous chalk pastel paintings from my childhood are signed "MAL" with a sun arching over my initials. Very funny considering MAL means "bad" and at least one definition of Melanie is "clothed in darkness." As a summer baby, I like to think of myself as "sun-mingled."

I often wonder if there are things we will "always be" and how hard throughout our lives we will fight that. Or love that. Or never know that.

I titled the SVG file Capture saved as "The Book Art Card," which I think was written inside that printer paper folded half way. Can't fight it. Kind of love it. Might never remember why I thought to write that.

Fall Formation

We are so close to finishing the winter magazine, that I have to relish having my Persona ladies for fall in formation on Darling's social channels.

I get to be involved from the top to the bottom of this place, and, roughly, if I know how to do something, it's my job to do the thing or at least be becoming an expert in it. So it's a little surreal to have had these designed without much participation from me: simple, standard, placing me amidst our many incredible artists who have contributed to the magazine over the years. It's really an honor.


The banners for Facebook and Twitter are probably the closest I'll get to a billboard (if I've ever wanted one..? lol) and it's pretty sweet. But the best part is how sharing all of this has allowed so much motivation and confidence flow from such a supportive community. I've you've dropped a little red heart or written/said a kind word, THANK YOU, it means more than you know.

 Peep the self(i.e.) trailer  here !

Peep the self(i.e.) trailer here!


You Don't Know TRACE

I'm usually office DJ at work but I looooove when someone else takes our Sonos for a spin. Last week Rebekah delivered some good stuff.

"Who's on the Sonos? Can I play something?" she asked across the room.

"Me, it's just your Bon Iver radio," I replied. (I'm back on it.)

"Ok, I'm gonna play Trace's new single."

YES. Trace's music is always made of the coolest sad girl vibes. While I'm pretty sensitive to melancholy lyrics, I do love her stuff and her new single, "You Don't Know Me," is a deceptively light-hearted stroll to the conclusion that the one she's with isn't "the one." Heavy stuff. Did someone say Heavy Shoulders?

ANYWAY. I was sitting at my desk looking at the cover art for the YDKM single and thought, That looks fun to draw...

I've been on such a roll with portraits, I don't want to stop. Let's keep it fun, you know? So here's TRACE!


Meet the Personas: Darling Magazine


If you've made the extra click to arrive at my blog here, you probably already know my full-time thing is working at Darling Media. I've done just about A to Z there, but for the first time this fall, I have art in a print issue!

The Personas are the sections that divide up the magazine — The Dreamer, The Achiever, the Hostess... They basically sort the articles by interest, but they're meant to represent the different hats women wear often (usually) at the same time.

For Darling Issue No. 21, I have the pleasure of introducing our readers to each of the 8 sections, including The Explorer, where I wrote on the midsummer dream that was my trip to Denmark.

Enjoy! Or if you've got a glass of something nice handy, skål! (WHICH I AM KICKING MYSELF FOR SPELLING WRONG IN PRINT — eh sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, I am just a person)